The Best Christmas Present Ever! (from a crafter’s point of view, of course!)

Posted on: January 26, 2011

My son is a crafter in training.  There is nothing he loves best than to do crafts with me.  For Christmas, my sister-in-law gave him the BEST present EVER!  A full box of craft supplies and a list of 12 crafts to make with what was in the box.

We did the first January craft which involved colouring a piece of paper, then colouring over the design with a black crayon and scratching out the pattern or drawing to expose the colours underneath.  This was great fun!

However, I must admit here that we cheated and couldn’t wait until February to do the next one.  I hope she won’t be mad! LOL

I was blown away when I opened the box and found a original jar of (wait for it!) Podgy!  And from Lewiscraft no less!  I don’t know if you can walk into Michael’s and find the stuff anymore!!!  This brought back memories of my childhood and the crafting classes I used to take in this little craft shop in my neighbourhood!  I’m sure all you 30 something crafters and your mothers can remember those days!

So February’s project was to glue some dried beans, split peas and lentils to a soup can.  By the end of it, all three of us (my 2 year old daughter too), were trying to get the beans to stick.  Our fingers were covered in glue and as the glue started drying on the can, it got easier to get the bigger ones to stick.  Our end result was great and we decided that we would try our hand at making a decorated can with scraps of yarn that we will wind around the soup can.  We had lots and lots fun, especially when my son figured out that his skin wasn’t peeling, it was just the glue on his fingers that he was pulling off. LOL


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