I searched high and low and I did it! I finished it!

Posted on: February 2, 2011

I was a bit discouraged when I got to the end of my wool but not the end of my project…I was working on a hat and mitten set in a cable knit pattern.  The yarn I was using came from an estate sale.  It was definitely a vintage yarn, simply from the looks of the tag.  The yarn is an 80% acrylic and 20% wool blend called Patons Pioneer.  It was very soft to knit and even broke apart a bit when I was stitching up the hat and left mitt.

When I came to the right hand mitten, I had an inkling that the yarn that was left would not be sufficient…but what was I to do?  I certainly couldn’t hope to sell the hat and the one mitten!  I debated unstitching the left mitten to make a fingerless-type mitten but it seemed like an odd solution. 

I did a google search to find out if there was any of this wool listed on ebay or other such sites.  No luck there.

Then, I went on the Patons wool site to see if there was a similar or comparable yarn.  Not seeing anything similar, I emailed the company with the specifics of the yarn I was using.  Thank goodness I had the original tag!

After that, I thought: Perhaps there’s another ball of wool hiding away in the stash that I had bought?  I figured if I couldn’t find any there, maybe the lady I bought it from would have some more of the same type of wool hiding somewhere in  the house?

Well, lo and behold, there was an ivory skein sitting there in my Rubbermaid stash container.  It was definitely 100% pure virgin, however, the colour was so close that I figured that I would give it a shot…I tested it on my husband by asking him what he thought of the right mitten.  He did not notice the slight colour change until I told him what I had done.

In the end, everything worked out just fine.  I think the set looks great and the slight gradation of the colour is barely visible unless you really know it’s there.  What do you think?

The set is listed for $50 (Canadian) on my Etsy site but you better be quick because my husband sure took a liking to this set. 😉


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