Baking: oh, muffins, how I love thee!

Posted on: February 17, 2011

I love baking and most of all baking muffins for my family.  There is nothing like a great muffin that you can grab and go in the morning. 

I use recipes from a Harrowsmith cookbook I inherited from my parents.  The recipes are a bit dated (no flax seed here) but they are so basic that you can add or change ingredients, as you please.

Last night, I made blueberry muffins.  Blueberries were on sale at Safeway (2/$5) and what better way to use them (apart from eating them out of hand, of course!).  I pulled out my antique Sunbeam mixer that I inherited from my maternal grandmother.  I love this appliance and it has served me well over the years.  I mixed my son’s first birthday cake with it and muffins and scones for my dad’s 60th surprise birthday brunch.

I had just bought some new baking powder so the muffin batter was very light and airy.  I used a tried and true trick that I picked up while watching Martha Stewart (while I was on maternal leave) and used an ice cream scoop to measure out the batter.

Don’t these look so yummy?  I just had to take a picture before they were all gone! LOL.  The only thing missing were my kids who were not there to lick the beaters. 😉


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