Happy weekend: here we gooo….!

Posted on: February 25, 2011

It’s Friday!  I came home to a clean house, a supper that I didn’t have to make…what more can a girl ask for? 😉

So, I actually have a bit of downtime before the madness of the weekend starts: swimming, haircuts, errands and  whatever else may come my way.  We may head out to Festival du voyageur on Sunday if the weather is nice.  I’ll post photos on Monday, if we do.

I’ll try and get a little bit of knitting in and perhaps a loaf of bread or two in my breadmachine.  My son commented just the other day that I had stopped making bread, so I better get back on it so we can have toast and marmalade!

I stopped in at the public library and picked up another stack of knitting books – this time with a focus on men’s knits.  I also had $3,20 in fines (oops!)

My daughter’s already asking to make a craft so I better dash…

So, what are your weekend plans?


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