Nine Signs your kids have inherited your artsy genes

Posted on: April 11, 2011

When I was very little, much to my parents’ amazement, I drew a picture of a Steinberg truck, complete with the trademark S. (We lived in Ontario at the time).  Now that I have kids, I’m starting to notice some early signs of creativeness.  You know your kids are creative when:

  1. Your two year old doesn’t want to eat her green beans but says: “Je fais une maison, Maman!” (I’m making a house, mom!) and is arranging her green beans in the shape of a house.
  2. Walking into Michael’s with your five year old son elicits a response similar to walking in to a candy store.
  3. Your two year old prefers to colour on the walls rather than on paper. (Okay, a lot of them do that at that age!)
  4. Your five year old can look at a drawing and reproduce it amazingly well.
  5. Your five year old prefers to do crafts rather than play video games.
  6. Your two year old wants to put stickers on ever surface: chairs, floors, walls, books, etc. and on everyone!
  7. Your five year old embellishes his picture books by adding in some drawing and colouring in some white spaces.
  8. Your five year old spots sequences everywhere: including the lights that are “on” and the lights that are “off” at the cash registers in Michael’s and the arrangement and colour of bricks on buildings.
  9. Your kids want to learn to knit as soon as they can.

This is such a fun and exciting journey.  I love making crafts with them and seeing them develop their creativeness.


2 Responses to "Nine Signs your kids have inherited your artsy genes"

I like #7, thinking outside of the lines. Adding in what you want, good sign. Yes, creativity is so important for the little ones. It sounds like you’re doing great!

Thanks 🙂 I got a kick out of seeing colouring in one of his story books. Good thing it was ours and not a library book. LOL

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