Stitching and Bitching: a breath of fresh air

Posted on: April 17, 2011

This afternoon, I went to my Stitch and Bitch meeting at my aunt’s.  I’ve been working hard on building my inventory for my Etsy site (I have about 20 listings or so) and was starting to feel like knitting was too much work.  Not great!  Part of the reason I started to knit more often was to make time for something I enjoyed.

Well, this afternoon was exactly what I needed.  It was nice to sit, knit and chat (well, bitch too I guess LOL) and of course, eat!  My aunt had a great spread: those fancy rolled-up sandwiches, olives, pickles and pickled onions, baklava, profiterols and wine, later followed by coffee.

I brought along a baby sweater I’ve been working on for my daughter’s former daycare provided who had a boy in February and actually made quite a bit of headway.  I’m at the sleeves, which is great.  It’s a sweater from the “Last Minute Knitted Gifts” book by Joelle Hoverson in a nice shade of blue.  It’s just one of those things that I’ve been meaning to get done and that’s on my list of UFO.

Now if only I felt as inspired to complete that cable knit purse…somehow, housework seems to always get in the way. LOL


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