Easter Brunch in a small house

Posted on: April 18, 2011

Perhaps it is the cabin-fever of early spring…I decide to invite four families for brunch next Saturday. Between all of us, we have nine kids. There will be 5 couples (That’s counting us too. Oh, I hadn’t crunched the numbers until just now!!!) in a slightly less than 900 square foot house. It is a potluck so I won’t have to slave all day plus I will have Good Friday to clean and bake. I’m still working out my own menu and I’m planning on having a craft on hand that the kids can do in case it’s cold out, etc.

I truly think it should be fun. I love get togethers and I figure that the size of our house should not be a deterrent. We’ve had large gatherings like this before with my husband’s friends, although mostly barbecues when the weather was nicer…I’m trying to pin down a cleaning service to give me a hand so that I can focus on other things like the food. We’ll see about that because it really is in the eleventh hour to be booking that. 😦

I really look forward to connecting with my friends. It will be loud and chaotic but fun.


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