Mother’s Day gifts

Posted on: May 4, 2011

Maman, ne lis pas ce qui suit! (LOL) – Just thought I’d start off by saying that in case my mother is reading this.

I am working on a pair of wrist warmers for my mom for Mother’s Day.  I knit one up in a evening and still have the second one to complete.  I figure I’m in good shape because I still have a few days left before Mother’s Day.  I’m using a pattern from the “More Last Minute Gifts” I borrowed from the library in a shade of hot pink.  However, my husband looked at my project and commented that he did not quite understand how these wrist warmers actually keep someone warm…I’m not sure I agree.  I would say that it’s useful when it’s not too cold and you want to have the use of your fingers.  Perhaps to wear when bike riding when it’s still a bit chilly or maybe when you go out for a run (my mom loves to go running).  How about for driving?  You don’t want something too slippery.  I’ll add something else to the mix if I have time to squeeze something in.  Perhaps a set of dishcloths or a flower broach.  I found a great series of flower patterns on knitty.com.

We’ll see, but I’m sure she’ll find a use for the wrist warmers. 

In the meantime, my son came home from school the other day with his Mother’s Day gifts in his backpack.  He took them out but told me I couldn’t look, so I told him to go them in his father’s nightstand drawer.  I love the suspense of these gifts and how proud my kids are to give me these gifts.  They are so very special. 🙂


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