Mother’s Day: the Birth of crafts

Posted on: May 7, 2011

I love Mother’s Day and little ones.  It is so much fun to see them so proud of having made something for you.  They are so excited, they are just bursting to tell you and give you what they made before the “big day”.  My two year old daughter certainly couldn’t wait.  She gave me her gift as soon as she got home from daycare.  It is a cardboard blue and yellow cutout of flowers glued on a popsicle stick.  It is the best gift I’ve ever received from her and the first Mother’s Day present she’s given me.

My son has a number of gifts he is hiding either in his father’s nightstand or in his school bag.  This year, he has understood the element of surprise and is making me close my eyes when he takes out his gifts.  Boy, oh, boy.  I can’t wait to see what he made me. 

What would Mother’s day be without all these wonderful crafts made by your kids?  My mom still has some of the ones we made her when we were little…:)  Here’s to continuing that tradition.  I promise to post photos shortly, including the present I knit for her.  Until tomorrow, this is all on the DL.


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