Camping on the brain: knit potholders

Posted on: June 20, 2011

The weather is gorgeous, school is almost out and my garden is blooming…camping season is in the air.

I came across a couple of potholder patterns that I’d like to try to give as gifts.  Here are two that I really like:

Mexican Hot Pads from Nifty Knitting:

The pattern calls for acrylic yarn but I would rather use wool as it is more heat resistent.  I bought some great wool at a yard sale recently that I could perhaps use for these.
I also really like these Felted potholder from Lion Brand. It is interesting because this is a crocheted felted project, which is something I have not yet tried.
I also really like this Rough Camper Cook Set from Marie-Jolie’s Permission to Unwind.  I must say that this set conjures up visions of sitting outside a tent early in the morning making bacon and eggs over the camp stove. 🙂  So when are we leaving?

Rugged Camper Cooking Set   Rugged Camper Cooking Set 2



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