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Today, I received a copy of Sew Liberated that I had ordered from Interweave back when they had their “Broken and Distressed” book sale.  When I first received my shipment, they had forgotten to include that book.  The order had taken so long in the first place because I had ordered it before the Canada Post mail strike.

So, today, it was a nice surprise to receive it in the mail.  The book consists of different patterns that include patchwork.  There is clothes (a neat skirt, a retro looking apron), household items (patchwork on linens) and fun bags.  The bag that jumped out at me was the market bag.  It’s probably due to the fact that I’ve harvested 9 (yes, 9!) zucchinis from my community garden plot.  I also have lots of cherry tomatoes (although the kids are eating them faster than I can pick them LOL), beans and peas that are ready.  I picked a green pepper and two cucumbers.  I even made some pesto with my basil last week.  Ah, I am in gardening heaven!  If only I had a great market bag to carry those fresh veggies…;)


I just received an email from Lion Brand Yarn featuring the following Harry Potter patterns:

Wrapped Wand Knit Capelet of Invisibility
Wrapped Elder Wand
Crochet Resurrection Stone Ring
Crochet Resurrection Stone Ring Knit Capelet of Invisibility

My son is a bit too young to watch Harry Potter, but he loves superheroes and magic, so he may enjoy the wand.  It is simply a dowel wrapped with yarn.  If you wanted something really knarly looking, I would use a tree branch.  The capelet is really cool looking too.  I bet you don’t have to be a Harry Potter fan to pull that off. 😉

This evening, after a very busy day at the park, my kids and I went to water the community garden.  Boy, were we in for a treat!  Lo and behold, there were some hot air balloons being set up for flight in Whittier Park, right next to our community garden patch.  Instead of helping me water, the children decided to go check out the hot air balloons. 

Well,  they had a prime seat.  I wish I had my camera…I’m sure it’s a moment in time that they will never forget (and nor will I ;).  They sat as close as they could safely be, right beside the hot air balloon that was slowly being filled and slowly raised up.  The whole process probably took about half an hour (I managed to water and plant a few last minute seeds while this was taking place).   They actually got to see people climb into the basket and wave “aurevoir” to them as the hot air balloon slowly ascended into the sky. 

What a beautiful evening!

Summer is finally upon us.  So far, it’s been a mix of gorgeous sunny days and cold rainy ones.  I anticipate that this is what our summer will look like.  I started thinking about things to keep my kids busy and to get them to stop watching tv.  This may prove to be a challenge seeing my husband is leaving for Africa for a month to attend his sister’s wedding but I figure that if I’m prepared, it should be okay (famous last words – LOL).

Keeping in mind that I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old with different levels of abilities, here are my top picks:

  • playdough
  • helping to bake something
  • drawing, colouring, using stickers
  • “painting” with bingo dabbers
  • painting and decorating rocks with poster paints
  • visiting the library

During my daughter’s naptime, I will have more flexibility to do more involved crafts with my son.  I love picking up craft kits from the dollar store.  I found lots of great ones last year in anticipation of going to the cottage.  He is hooked on making God’s Eyes so I think more of these are in our future. 😉

So what do you do to keep your kids busy on rainy days?



My son was looking for something to do this evening.  He had watched more than enough TV and I sure didn’t want him to get started on the computer. 

He felt like doing a craft.  Seeing as it is a weekday, I didn’t want to get into something messy/complicated, etc. I knew he had popsicle sticks and I have tons and tons of yarn…So we went “retro” and decided to make God’s Eyes.  Boy, was it ever fun! 😀  I hadn’t done this in years, but it came back to me very quickly.

Here’s a quick tutorial: put two popsicle sticks into a cross shape, then tie your yarn around the cross. Twist your yarn around in an X.  To switch yarn colours, I just cut one colour and tied the new yarn to old one and place the knot behind the sticks.  I prefer to start with lighter colours in the middle and darker colours around the edges.

It’s my mother’s birthday today.  My son was hemming and hawing all week about whatwas an appropriate gift for his grandmother.  We decided to make her a bracelet.

We headed out to Michael’s this afternoon to pick out some beads.  My poor little one was so overwhelmed by all the selection!  The kids had decided in the car that they wanted something rainbow coloured, and that’s what we ended up choosing.  🙂

I rummaged through my supplies to find a pair of pliers to use with the crimp beads, and ended up finding some beads that had come from jewerly that had belonged to my maternal grandmother.  I pulled them out for my son and another project I was working on and he ended up using them in his project.

My daughter joined in the fun and played around with the wooden beads I was using for my project. 

Here are a few photos of our fun evening.  Thankfully, not too many beads ended up on the floor. 😛


It’s Friday!  Finally! This weekend, I’m hoping to have a go at my gardens (the one in my yard and the community garden patch), drive out to the country to visit my friend who recently got a number of chicks (as in chickens LOL) and then on Monday afternoon, we are hoping to head out to Tinkertown with my kids and some our friends.

Oh, and one of the members of the Winnipeg Etsy Team is having a garage sale which I am hoping to check out tomorrow morning.  Not that I need any more yarn, but perhaps I could sneak some into the house without my husband noticing? LOL  We’ll see.