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I just received an email from Lion Brand Yarn featuring the following Harry Potter patterns:

Wrapped Wand Knit Capelet of Invisibility
Wrapped Elder Wand
Crochet Resurrection Stone Ring
Crochet Resurrection Stone Ring Knit Capelet of Invisibility

My son is a bit too young to watch Harry Potter, but he loves superheroes and magic, so he may enjoy the wand.  It is simply a dowel wrapped with yarn.  If you wanted something really knarly looking, I would use a tree branch.  The capelet is really cool looking too.  I bet you don’t have to be a Harry Potter fan to pull that off. 😉

When we moved in to our house, there was a small patch of strawberries growing in the garden against the garage.  Unfortunately, there were a couple of large trees in our neighbour’s yard overshadowing the little garden patch, so after trying to grow vegetables in that area, I finally gave up and decided to go the container gardening route and let the strawberries go wild.  Well, after 6 years, the small patch now spans the width of our one car garage.  This week, I picked one large bowlful of strawberries every day.  You can’t find anything more local than your own backyard.

As an ode to my plentiful strawberry patch that has made my children and me quite happy this week, I knit up a set of toy strawberries with crocheted calix.  Here are photos of the real thing and the not so real ones. 😉  Can you tell the difference?




If you like this set, it is listed in my Etsy shop:  http://www.etsy.com/listing/77045677/strawberry-knit-crochet-set-of-5

Mention that you saw this on my blog and I’ll ship it to you for free.

I seem to be hooked on knitting food these days.  My latest endeavour is making strawberries.  I played a trick on my kids on Monday morning when they got up and asked them if they wanted strawberries.  When they said yes, I offered them the knit version.  Good thing I had some real ones on hand 🙂 and it also helps that my kids inherited my sense of humour. 😉

My newest find is a piece of cherry pie:

Piece O' Cherry Pie
The pattern looks like lots of fun. Plus, this stuff is short and sweet, perfect for a short project when the weather is nice and gardens need tending to.


The weather is gorgeous, school is almost out and my garden is blooming…camping season is in the air.

I came across a couple of potholder patterns that I’d like to try to give as gifts.  Here are two that I really like:

Mexican Hot Pads from Nifty Knitting:

The pattern calls for acrylic yarn but I would rather use wool as it is more heat resistent.  I bought some great wool at a yard sale recently that I could perhaps use for these.
I also really like these Felted potholder from Lion Brand. It is interesting because this is a crocheted felted project, which is something I have not yet tried.
I also really like this Rough Camper Cook Set from Marie-Jolie’s Permission to Unwind.  I must say that this set conjures up visions of sitting outside a tent early in the morning making bacon and eggs over the camp stove. 🙂  So when are we leaving?

Rugged Camper Cooking Set   Rugged Camper Cooking Set 2


You still have time to complete this project before Father’s Day as a gift for your dad.  Really!

I was inspired by men’s rugby striped sweater to create this cozy.  This cozy is knit in the round on four 5 mm double pointed needles so you don’t need to stitch any seams.  It is also a great way to use up leftover yarn.  You can use any type of acrylic yarn such as Red Heart or Bernat.


  • two balls of acrylic yarn in two coordinating tones
  • four 5 mm double pointed needles
  • yarn needle and scissors

Cast on 33 stitches (in your prefered method) and evenly divide these stitches on three needles (11 stitches per needle).  I like long tail cast on because it makes the stitches stretchier.




Knit 5 rows of your first colour.  Make sure that there is no gap between the needles by pulling your yarn tight between needles.

Knit 5 rows of your second colour.  Repeat these two last rows until you have three stripes in the first colour and two stripes in the second colour.

Once you’ve completed the five stripes, cast off.  Weave in the ends.  Voilà!  There you have it!  A cup cozy!

When changing colours, I just carried the yarn across.  If you decide to do that too, be mindful that you don’t pull the yarn too tight because it will make your stitches look gathered.  You can also cut the yarn between rows to make it look neater…it’s up to you.  I wanted to make something quick and easy without lots of loose ends to weave in.

If you don’t have time to make this, this cozy is available for purchase on my Etsy site.

For some reason, it started out with a ribbed cup cozy…then, hairclips and then, a wristlet.  All knit in the same green yarn with crocheted yellow and white daisies. To quote Oprah, it was my “ah-ha” moment. So here it is, my exclusive daisypatch spring collection.  These items are all available on my Etsy site

My sister-in-law recently announced that she was getting married.  My husband has not been home for 5 years and is quite excited about going back home to attend the wedding.  Unfortunately, the trip overseas is quite expensive and so we cannot all attend.

I’m pondering what to send as a wedding gift.  I found a tablecloth that I had embroidered that I meant to send to one of his cousins (oops!), so I thought I would send that. 

I was looking at knitting a wedding shawl, however, I’m not sure if I could finish something before he leaves at the end of the month.  Plus, my mother-in-law says it is incredibly hot, so knitwear is probably not a good idea.  LOL

Perhaps I could send a wedding veil?  I’m still looking at different options and ideas.  It has to be something portable and light because space is at a premium.

Any ideas/suggestions are more than welcome;)