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Today, I received a copy of Sew Liberated that I had ordered from Interweave back when they had their “Broken and Distressed” book sale.  When I first received my shipment, they had forgotten to include that book.  The order had taken so long in the first place because I had ordered it before the Canada Post mail strike.

So, today, it was a nice surprise to receive it in the mail.  The book consists of different patterns that include patchwork.  There is clothes (a neat skirt, a retro looking apron), household items (patchwork on linens) and fun bags.  The bag that jumped out at me was the market bag.  It’s probably due to the fact that I’ve harvested 9 (yes, 9!) zucchinis from my community garden plot.  I also have lots of cherry tomatoes (although the kids are eating them faster than I can pick them LOL), beans and peas that are ready.  I picked a green pepper and two cucumbers.  I even made some pesto with my basil last week.  Ah, I am in gardening heaven!  If only I had a great market bag to carry those fresh veggies…;)


I just found out that I got a spot in a community garden in my neighbourhood.  I am very excited!  Even though we can’t really plant anything until the May long weekend, I am already planning what I want to grow.

I bought a book last year about gardening in small spaces called “Incredible Edibles” by Sonia Day.  It focuses on planting in containers and in small spaces, which is perfect for my yard.  Plus, it’s Canadian, which is a big plus.  I took out a book from the library that says that you can grow lemons trees and banana trees in your living room.  My husband sure got a kick out of that one (He grew up around these trees in Africa. LOL)

Last year, I planted potatoes in an old tin washbasin.  I think we ended up with about 6 very small potatoes but boy, did we have fun digging them up!  Just for the fun factor, I would love to plant those again!

I’ve been  trying to grow eggplant for years but with very minimal success.  I think I’ll give up on that one because it’s too hard.

I’ll try my hand again at spinach and plant it right after the last frost. I think my major problem had been planting it too late.

Of course, there are the good old standbys like peas, beans and lettuce and of course, tomatoes.  We’ll also plant carrots andI would love to try melon.

I ordered some herbs from a coworker who was selling plants as a fundraiser for his church.  I think I may have gotten a variety of lettuce from him as well.

We also have a small strawberry patch that is fairly prolific.  I suspect there may be some fighting over strawberries this year because my daughter will definitely have caught on to how to pick them.

Oh, I can’t wait.  If only it would get warmer!  It’ll be so much fun to see things grow!