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My son was looking for something to do this evening.  He had watched more than enough TV and I sure didn’t want him to get started on the computer. 

He felt like doing a craft.  Seeing as it is a weekday, I didn’t want to get into something messy/complicated, etc. I knew he had popsicle sticks and I have tons and tons of yarn…So we went “retro” and decided to make God’s Eyes.  Boy, was it ever fun! 😀  I hadn’t done this in years, but it came back to me very quickly.

Here’s a quick tutorial: put two popsicle sticks into a cross shape, then tie your yarn around the cross. Twist your yarn around in an X.  To switch yarn colours, I just cut one colour and tied the new yarn to old one and place the knot behind the sticks.  I prefer to start with lighter colours in the middle and darker colours around the edges.