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I have been working at listing items on Etsy since September last year and I’m still waiting for my first sale…Sometimes I feel a bit discouraged but I have been trying different approaches to see if anything will trigger that first sale.

1.  Listing a new item every day.  Sometimes it’s a new item, sometimes it’s just a relist of an item that was expired.  It is helping the views a bit but at times it’s feeling like it’s lots of work.  I’m hoping it will be paying off soon.

2.  Improving my photos:  I finally figured out what the best set up was to take good and well lit photos.  I was taking photos in my basement with a lamp shining on my items, however, the photos were still coming out quite dark.  I tried taking some photos in my dining room during the daylight hours on the weekend and it seemed to make a  huge difference.  It’s tricky to find time to do this with two little kids around but now that spring is here, the daylight hours are longer.  Let’s face it, the only free time I have is when the kids are in bed…

3.  Promoting on Facebook, Twitter and this blog.  I recently held a giveaway on Facebook to attract more fans.  Once you get 25 “Likes” on your page, your page becomes “official”.  This seems to have worked well.  I also published my listing on my Facebook page yesterday and when I checked this morning, I had 20 views!!!  Quite exciting!  🙂

That’s it for now.  It’s hard to find time to focus on growing my micro-business but I’m hoping that the more time I put into it, the more I’ll get out of it.  It’s also great to be part of the Winnipeg street team because there are lots of experienced people that are there to help as well.


Travelling allows me to indulge in knitting for as long as I want, seeing as I have no interruptions…ah, heaven! 😉

I’m in Calgary on a business trip and am hoping to discover a few knit shops while I’m here…So far, I google mapped a few that I thought were close by but it seems that they are quite a distance from my hotel.  No luck there.

I’m heading off to Banff on Friday and I saw there was something in Canmore, 5 minutes East of Banff.  I’ll keep you posted and let you know what I find.

It’s Friday!  I came home to a clean house, a supper that I didn’t have to make…what more can a girl ask for? 😉

So, I actually have a bit of downtime before the madness of the weekend starts: swimming, haircuts, errands and  whatever else may come my way.  We may head out to Festival du voyageur on Sunday if the weather is nice.  I’ll post photos on Monday, if we do.

I’ll try and get a little bit of knitting in and perhaps a loaf of bread or two in my breadmachine.  My son commented just the other day that I had stopped making bread, so I better get back on it so we can have toast and marmalade!

I stopped in at the public library and picked up another stack of knitting books – this time with a focus on men’s knits.  I also had $3,20 in fines (oops!)

My daughter’s already asking to make a craft so I better dash…

So, what are your weekend plans?

I am always on the lookout for nice buttons. I find that a special button adds a nice finishing touch to a hand-knit sweater and a bit of interest to pieces that might otherwise look boring.  For example, last year, I knit a sweater for my daughter that had a fish pattern in it and found these great fish buttons to match.  It just made the sweater even cuter and she loved those little buttons.

A few days ago, I asked my mother to borrow her two canisters of buttons so that I could through them and pick some out for my projects.  It sure brought back memories of being a kid and looking at all these great buttons.  Some of them came of one of her coats, some of them were left over from little outfits she used to sew for us, some were from my grandmother…I guess most of them would now be considered “vintage”.

Who knew that you could get so emotionally attached to buttons?  I really want to use some in my projects but at the same time, I feel really attached to these buttons!

However, I figure that these buttons have been waiting for the perfect project to infuse a bit a life into something that otherwise might be very boring.  They have been waiting for a new lease in life for a long while. 

I truly enjoy looking at this button collection because they bring back so many memories from my childhood.  I’ll just have to find the courage to use them to pass them on to someone else who will enjoy them just as much.

A while back, my sister asked me to make a baby set for her future niece or nephew.  My deadline is for February 11 when my mother sets out for Montréal to go see her. 

I have been proscratinating all this time…I finally picked out the colour last weekend.  (It’s hard to find something neutral that is not yellow!).  Then, the pattern!  I was hemming and hawing about different styles of sweaters.  Finally, I decided to go with a stripped set of yellow and light green (not minty green).  I found a pattern for an elfin style hat that I’ve always wanted to make.  I also saw somewhere a pattern for little animal booties (gosh – I have to go through my books because I can’t remember where I saw it!!!) and a pair of stripped mittens to round out the set.

So here is my plan:

Sunday: finish hat and start (and  hopefully finish the mitts)

Monday: start botties (I have yoga so I may not be able to get very far)

Wednesday: start sweater (at the latest).

This is a VERY ambitious plan.  I was hoping to get a head start on the project on Friday at my monthly Stitch and Bitch but I caught a nasty bout of the stomach flu that sidelined me for two whole days.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress…we’ll see if I’ll have to mail out the sweater later :p  The baby is due sometime in early March.

I’m working on the last of a pair of mittens to go with a cable knit hat that I made while I was on a business trip this week.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m using a very limited amount of yarn (that I purchased at the estate sale) to complete this project but I am feeling a bit stressed about getting it done.  Perhaps it’s because it’s part of the W.E.S.T. (Winnipeg Etsy Street Team) challenge for the month of January…?

As soon as it is completed, I will post some pictures of the completed set.  I hope to list it on my Etsy site, provided my hubby doesn’t decide to keep it.  Maybe if I give it a month and it doesn’t sell, I’ll let him keep it.

Keep your fingers crossed that I get to finish this with a bit of yarn left.

Ever since I was a little girl, I always had trouble finishing projects.  I remember my parents telling me to finish one thing before starting another…

With my knitting projects, sometimes, things haven’t changed.  I guess it’s because sometimes I get bored when the project drags on too long.  When this happens, I start something small that I can finish in an evening or a weekend, just to have the satisfaction of accomplishing something!

Here are a few of my favourite “in the interim” projects that I like to pick up because they are quick and easy: