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Now that the warm weather has set in, I am finding it really hard to pick up those knitting needles.  I also have to life-sized dolls that I can dress (aka my kids LOL), so I am having a great time finding sewing websites.  Among my favourites these days are the following:

MADE: There is a great sewing pattern for kids’ shorts.  My son is a slim size 6 so I used her tutorial to adjust the pattern by tracing a pair of his shorts.  I used “scrap” fabric that I had hanging around as a prototype and it worked wonderfully.

Everything Etsy: 101 sewing tutorials for summer – lots and lots of different projects to try!

Ruffles and Stuff: I love the photos and the projects on this site.  Great tutorials on how to make ruffles!

The Craft Blog: From the Canadian Living website, it features all sorts of different projects, not only sewing but also knitting, crocheting and much more.

What are your top picks?

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Just like there is a movement toward eating food in season, it feels like there are also seasons to crafting.  It is hard to be motivated to knit with wool when the temperature rises.  Knitting with cotton yarn is not so bad, but these days, I’m more interested than anything else in sewing.

As a child of the late 70’s, my mother sewed all our clothes.  I remember sitting in her sewing room and watching her foot go up and down on the pedal and listening to the whirr of the Singer sewing machine.  She has a beautiful antique sewing table with the metal pedal on the bottom that was used to sew with antique machines.  We used to have great fun pumping it up and down and squishing our hands or feet underneath by accident. 

Later, I remember learning to sew from her and at school.  In our sewing class, we used to get “speeding tickets” if we zoomed through too fast.   I don’t think I ever got one, but then I may have a slightly selective memory…

So, now, I found a few cool patterns on the internet that I tried out.  I made a Pillowcase dress from 3 fat quarters from favecrafts.  I found 3 fat quarters at Walmart for $2 each…not bad for a toddler girl’s sundress!  I even figured out how to make the bias tape that was included in the pattern.   I don’t have a picture of my daughter in her dress but here’s the photo from the website:

Pillowcase Dress

I also made the 5 minute skirt found on Angry Chicken’s blog.  However, when I went to Mitchell Fabrics (a Winnipeg Institution), the staff didn’t seem to know what fold over elastic was…perhaps it is called something else in the sewing world?  So, the skirt is not quite done because I bought underwear elastic that did not do the trick.  I did, however, find a gorgeous African print fabric that even impressed my husband.  🙂

I’ll try to post pictures of my skirt and my daughter’s dress.  In the meantime, I want to make this Girl\’s Braided Dress for my daughter.  I’ll just have to try and find a bit of time…

Girl's Braided Dress

I am always on the lookout for nice buttons. I find that a special button adds a nice finishing touch to a hand-knit sweater and a bit of interest to pieces that might otherwise look boring.  For example, last year, I knit a sweater for my daughter that had a fish pattern in it and found these great fish buttons to match.  It just made the sweater even cuter and she loved those little buttons.

A few days ago, I asked my mother to borrow her two canisters of buttons so that I could through them and pick some out for my projects.  It sure brought back memories of being a kid and looking at all these great buttons.  Some of them came of one of her coats, some of them were left over from little outfits she used to sew for us, some were from my grandmother…I guess most of them would now be considered “vintage”.

Who knew that you could get so emotionally attached to buttons?  I really want to use some in my projects but at the same time, I feel really attached to these buttons!

However, I figure that these buttons have been waiting for the perfect project to infuse a bit a life into something that otherwise might be very boring.  They have been waiting for a new lease in life for a long while. 

I truly enjoy looking at this button collection because they bring back so many memories from my childhood.  I’ll just have to find the courage to use them to pass them on to someone else who will enjoy them just as much.

My sister-in-law is a big fan of Kijiji.  So when I told her I had found an ad for an estate sale where they were selling yarn and wool, she did not hesitate to say when I asked her to accompany me. 

We must have spent over an hour looking at everything that was there.  The daughter of the woman’s whose wool it was said that other people had already been through and had bought over $200 (!) of wool.  There was still so much of it left!  And amazingly enough, some of it also still had the original tags from Eatons!  I ended up buying about $15 worth and coming away with about 3 bags full. 

Then, to our surprise, the lady brings us to the living room in the front of the house where there were stacks and stacks and stacks of fabric!  She was not quite ready to sell the fabric because she had not decided on the price but we vowed to go  back once she decided what to do with it.

So last night, we went back and found more than enough fabric for our projects.  My sister-in-law was looking for curtains and upolestry fabric.  I found these neat fabric scraps that look like wool that I am hoping to make into a quilt.  From my research on the internet, I could make a simple quilt using a zig-zag stitch to conntect it all together.  We’ll see where this goes.  I’ll post pictures of what I found shortly and the project I plan on making with this fabric.